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Samples of Hot Wetlook!
Here you will find an overview of the sets we have posted thus far.
We do remove each set after a while, so join if you do not want to miss anything!

Hot movie of Pascale in hotpants and a top, she takes it off to show her string, 
and that also comes off to enjoy her in all her nakedness!

Yvonne in hotpants and white boots shows a lot!

Chrissy poses in a yellow rain suit with pvc undies, which she takes off.

Movie of Tanja who takes a warm shower after her outdoors-adventures

Playing with creamy custard she gets every inch of herself dirty and wet

Great movie of Sigrun in a sheer night dress. She first takes off her underwear so she is 
totally naked underneath the wet cloth. At the end she reveals all!

Angela takes a bath and poses outdoors

Movie of mature Karin who has no problem showing her most private parts getting totally wet!

Mariska is half-asian and wanted to play with food, but not on her clothes...
So, we didn't mind seeing her playing with pudding and jam!

Movie of beauty Pascale in jeans and shirt She starts to fondle herself and takes off all her clothes.
Very nice rearview as well ;-)

Chrissy on a cold day takes a swim in shorts, stripping to bare naked

Anna rubs herself with custard, then washes off the slippery mess

Bambi with paint washes herself

Angela takes a sexy shower!

Jessica started to swim in shirt and pants, but ended up skinnydipping

Something different.. an Indian girl gets sprayed with water and keeps unexpectedly removing clothes when wet :-)

Angela takes a nude swim in the pool :-)

Chubby and dirty makes a combination to cuddle!

Linda on her couch with pudding and whipcream

Angela takes a clothed shower and bath but not all is covered

Bambi in jeans and little top plays with yoghurt and paint on herself

Movie of cute and giggly Sigrun in satin underwear that comes off

Movie of mature Karin, she got so exited from the sun and water that she just had to play.

Silvia plays with chocolate and whip cream and gets horny from it... very explicit pics inside!

Movie of Sidney in very tiny blue dress, goes all the way

Maureen plays with paint :-)

Chrissy in shirt and icecold water strips till nude

Natalia Forest in very thing shirt and string reveals everything

Chrissy takes a shower in black skirt and less

Movie of Sidney in little outfit that comes off, as does she :-)

And now for something completely different.... :-)

Movie of Dutch TV-host Irma in a black corset 

Chrissy and Sylvie in white blouses and black undies met each other at our shoot, hot!

Movie of Ella beginning in a pink polkadot set, ending up all nude, but very wet :-)

It started out in a black dress, but she is giving herself a huge cameltoe :-)

Movie of Pascale in dark jeans, white underpants and a thin white blouse that gets really see-through when soaked.
She strips until full nudity.

Movie of very funny and happy girl Sigrun, starting out in her regular floral underwear 
but soon makes a nude yoga-exercise

Movie of Karin in little skirt and white blouse, which she soon loses in the waves... 

Carola in a green dress over a white top gets wet and nude 

Good movie of Natalia Forest in a see through white set, very elegant and sexy

Big Denise is very attractive in and out her white slipdress

Dutch TV-host Irma on heels in skirt and corset loves to strip after getting wet

Movie of goth girl Annika. She is very slim with nice round boobs, but the cold wind makes her chilly.

For the stocking fans! Slender girl in pantyhose enjoys her water
wetlook140-9-019.jpg wetlook140-9-079.jpg wetlook140-9-188.jpg wetlook140-9-236.jpg

Sidney in sheer blue dress goes all the way and comes

Movie of Carola in green dress and shorts, stripping down to fully nude, and smoking.

Natalia Forest in a long white shirt-coat-thingy gets herself wet and enjoys the Dutch summer :-)

Silvie in a one-piece swimsuit, a very nice black Speedo with great shine when wet, and daring poses!

Movie of Ella in pink satin nightdress slowly stripping and getting caught in big waves :-)

Pascale in pvc pants and sheer shirt reveals everything when she gets wet!

She's funny, cute and sexy! Carola in sheer dress and black string

Movie of Denise in shorts and purple shirt without bra. And soon without any clothes :-)

Sigrun has fun in the sun on heels, a short skirt and purple undies

Tanja proudly shows off her hard body in wet stockings

Mature Karin wears great heels and black skirt under silk blouse.
The water and being watched made her frisky so she does some real fapping in this set!

Movie of Natalia Forest in white outfit, getting wet and stripping everything off!

Cute Daphne in white pants and white shirt rips her wet clothes off, to reveal her hot stockings

Denise in shorts and purple shirt has what you could call a muffin top. Nice when wet, yes!

Irma on heels in a red dress plays with the water and looks great.

Sidney in black skirt and top, shot by our female photographer she really let herself go. Or come...

Movie of Carola in sheer black dress revealing everything

Lovely Sigrun in denim skirt and tight blue top without bra, and soon without anything...!

Pretty Ella is very thin and has some nice things to show in her wet clothes

Very hot Pascale in every day outfit with jeans, shoes, shirt and underwear. She ends fully nude!

Movie of hard body Irma in a red dress, taking it off slowly...

Natalia in white skirt and red undies under a silk blouse strips and shows you the wet goods

Something for the not faint-hearted and those who love big girls. Or better sad: fat girls!
Shelly is not big, actually a very pretty and cute teenager, but with a huge belly and ass, which you will see in this set.

New girl Tanja is a natural curly one.. everywhere :-)

Sylvie on heels and in a beige dress and red string is becoming a wetlookfan! :-)

Denise is a big and beautiful girl when she gets fully wet

Natalia in a silky dress takes off her underwear when wet

Pretty Crissy says 'Lets do it!' so she does :-)

Karin in a black catsuit first enjoys her suit getting soaked, after that she enjoys herself.

Sigrun is such an elegant lady! She is wearing a sheer dress with black underwear.
After she removes parts of her clothes, she still likes the wetness!

Movie of hot Carola in silky slip dress slowly undressing, but first enjoying the feeling of the silk clinging to her body!

Sidney is very naughty! Shorts and top make way for her normal underwear, which is soon gone as well! 
The water exited her actually a lot!

Ella in pink undies and under shirt poses and strips until her red heels!

Pascale in white blouse and black lingerie wears great stockings, which she loves to show off!

Movie of Natalia Forest in silky dress and little hard nipples.

Carola in a silk rope and string first gets wet, then undresses.

Silvie in little black dress, sheer and soon gone, showing it all at the end!

Carola in see thru white shirt without bra and a denim skirt, hot redhead

Sidney in very hot jeans, simple T shirt and black underwear gets wet first, and gets off at the end!
The lady jumping in with her on 3 pics was the photographer who wanted something for herself ;-) 

Natalia Forest in silk dress and underwear, which she gradually takes off. Hot!

Irma in white shorts and sheer top, black heels. She poses like a pro and has a hard body!

Mature Karin in leather skirt and sexy top has no limits

Voluptuous Denise in white night dress with no underwear reveals her huge boobs

Lovely lingerie on Sidney, but she takes it all off to make herself cum while waves hit her, she clearly enjoys the water!

Pascale in sheer blue dessous, but more important: in great nylons and heels!

Hot movie of Natalia Forest in silk night dress with black lingerie.
She removes her underwear and walks around with wet silk on her skin

Ella in a sexy night gown with little black string enjoys a hot day.

Sigrun in her nicest set of underwear, she makes it wet and shiny, then takes it all off

Movie of Carola in denim hotpants over pink undies and white shirt with no bra. 
She slowly strips, enjoying her wetness to the fullest.

This is so hot! Daphne in white pants and white shirt and only a string without bra.
She has a full canister of oil to play with! First she gets some on her head and clothes, then she gets wild and 
pores it all over herself. At the end she strips down, squeezing black paint out of her string and soaping up.

Chrissy in bra and undies under a white blouse, she removes her underwear and shows all at the end.

Movie of Natalia Forest on heels in purple undies and a very sheer purple shirt. She strips until nude.

Firm Irma in a white dress which catches the wind. She strips down to her muscular body

After two weeks of young teens it is time to post another mature! This one enjoys the sun and the water in a yellow dress.
She takes off her underwear and at the end the dress as well. 

Sidney poses in short skirt, black string and a black top. 
Her female photographer asks her to show something, and she got more than she expected :-)

Gothic chick Annika looks dangerous, but is actually very nice to be wet with.
On this cold day she walked into the water in tight black jeans, a vest and a top over a black bra.

Slender Ella in a satin pink night dress and pink undies with a huge cameltoe!

Movie of Carola in long white skirt that blows in the wind and a sheer blouse with no bra.
She gives you a great view of her body underneath her soaked clothes, full nude!

Sylvie in a jeans hotpants and a white blouse with no bra. She slowly strips in the water,
with 500 HQ pics enjoying herself very much and loves the touch of wet fabric on her skin.

Movie of Natalia in a white skirt and pink satin blouse.
Underneath she wears a red string and underneath that she's but-naked! :-)

Pascale in little denim skirt, black string and black top gets all wet.
She slowly strips until her heels and shows how she enjoys the water

Movie of well-build Irma in white shorts and a wide shirt, blowing in the wind.
She opens her shorts, showing a black string, and that comes off at the end as well.

Old and shameless Karin is wearing a skirt and a white blouse. She takes off her bra to reveal her tits through the shirt.
The wetness makes her horny, so she -unexpectedly- started rubbing while posing. 

Movie of Ella in a black nightdress enjoys the water and slowly strips to full nakedness.

Sigrun in her every day underwear, a little bra and a regular slip with flowers. 
She gets herself wet and slowly strips. Funny, her pubes are blond!

Movie of hot Sidney, she starts out in a sensual lingerie set with string and corset, but soon strips all the way.
At the end some real open views from front and back.

New girl Chrissy in white shorts and blue blouse, with no bra.
She strips all the way and even does some spreads

Movie of Denise with big breasts, wearing a white skirt and white corset, stripping all the way naked.

Sensual Carola is wearing a white skirt that blows in the wind and a sheer blouse with no bra.
She gives you a great view of her body underneath her soaked clothes!

Famous adult model Nathalia Forest on heels in purple undies and a very sheer purple shirt.
Everything comes off in the end.

Movie of Sidney, wearing a pink skirt and top. Underneath she has some basic underwear, which also is taken off.
At the end she gives you a little spread while being all wet!

Pascale is a pretty blond lady with a great natural shaped body.
She is wearing jeans, pumps and a white blouse without bra, which she gets all soaked!
She strips down until her undies (regular, plain white ones, love that!) and even a bit further.

Movie of well shaped Irma, a tall Dutch woman with ferm DD sized breasts.
She is wearing a great white dress that blows in the wind. When it clings to her body you can see her undies.
They do come of at the end, it's a nice and relaxing shoot!

Natalia Forrest welcoming you to the website - prelaunch party
Stay tuned!

You will find girls fully clothed, stripping down to lingerie, topless or nude.
This site is meant for the large group of people that like to see pretty girls getting wet in clothes and getting naked.
All girls are over 18 years old.